Monday, August 8, 2011

Contest round-up as of August 8, 2011

Here are some of the ongoing contest I spotted to date. If you have one, buzz me and will add it.

  1. Pakyaw Black Bag (weekly - every Tuesday to Friday)
  2. Dear Dad, I Want a Smart TV (deadline: August 15)
  3. "I Can Change for the Good" Photo Contest (deadline: August 15)
  4. "Shake the Grass" Video Contest (deadline: August 15)
  5. Follow Chicken Charlie on Facebook and Twitter to win Chicken Charlie Wings (deadline: August 18)
  6. I Like Panciteria Lido video contest (deadline: August 26)
  7. Love As I See It photo story contest by (deadline: August 30)
  8. Magnolia Chocolait Name the Twins (deadline: August 30)
  9. Join the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 Writing Project (deadline: September 7)
  10. Most Liked Household / Barkada Group Picture Photo Contest (deadline: September 30)
  11. Get Hired, Get Wired by SysGen (deadline: October 26)

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